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We reviewed most leggings

Holly K | May 9, 2020

Active outdoor leggings review

Photo by Mauro Paillex on Unsplash

A lot of outdoorsmen and women want to know what are the best leggings for hiking? It’s easy to pick a pair of sporty leggings to go outside with but not everyone knows what works well in cold or warm temperatures, what wicks sweat best, what dries quick, and what fabric can protect you in rugged conditions. It is also important to have clothing that not only keeps you warm in winter or cool in summer but one that is durable and doews not rip easily on trees, shrubs and rocks.

What to Look for in hiking leggings

  • Look for  leggings made with lightweight fabrics that are moisture-wicking and are durable.
  • If you choose a wool look for a tech wool that is lightweight and also removes moisture easy.
  • Look for either wehather resistant or waterproof GORE-TEX or at least water-resistant Omni-Wick™ or Omni-Tech™ technologies that are great in rain but also keep you cool in sun and warm weather.

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